The company Duvdevan was established to promote, network, assimilate and nurture businesses in the tourism sector in Israel. We work with hotels, agents, tourist sites, authorities, businessmen and customers of all kinds, in Israel and abroad.

We allow customers to enjoy high quality, unique experiences as well as good prices. We also provide various businesses the opportunity to flourish and prosper at levels they have not previously recognized.

We work and deal with private tourism, business tourism, outbound tourism, incoming tourism, and other unique fields, such as medical tourism.

We promote our clients through Facebook and other social networks, create and distribute newsletters, meet clients, agents and tourist wholesalers. We meet with whomever is necessary and do what needs to be done in order to cater to your particular needs along the way.

About Us

Orly Levin Ezra and Havatzelet Buchnik have more than 20 years of experience in the tourism and hotel industry.

We established Duvdevan three years ago, together, to meet the existing needs of the industry, which entails marketing hotels and special attractions directly and personally.

Main Areas of Activity


Duvdevan represents, markets and promotes exclusive hotels and tourist sites throughout the country and the world. Our company specializes in expansion through uniqueness and cooperation. Every hotel, site or client we market becomes 'the cherry on top'.


Our marketing strategies are diverse and multi-channeled in all the existing media: social networks, focused personal meetings, personal connections which have developed and been fostered throughout years of getting to know one another in the field of tourism, and key people in the tourism field.


Our company specializes in building content and creating unique packages for our clients. We do this through cooperating with sites in the region that complement and suit our professional product portfolio. These collaborations create a greater demand for the clients we market and to the general area.

Why should you choose us?

There are three secrets to success in the tourism profession; focus, experience and passion. The first is a lot of focused work. The second is experience and the personal connections that come with it.

The many years that we have worked in the field have brought with them professionalism and a great understanding of what we do. It has also created a tremendous amount of personal connections throughout the country and the world.

These relationships are critical to the success of our business and our customers' success. That is why we take full advantage of them.

We always work on our own. We come to each meeting ourselves and do all the walking, talking and writing in person. This is how our customers who work with us have a powerful agent who works hard for them and knows that their business will flourish.

A famous popular statement says that if you want something done right, you have to do it yourself. That is why there are no soldiers here, only commanders of staff. That is why everything is always done properly.

The third secret to success in the field of tourism is the passion of our work. It is the 'love of matter'. The philosopher Leo Tzu wrote in the book of Tao about 2,500 years ago that "the essence of the secret is the love of matter in your hands." We love what we do with all of our heart and soul.

Therefore, we have the understanding, the sharp senses, the inspiration and the power to be in the field 8 days a week and do everything that needs to be done in order to make the businesses we represent leaders in their field.